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Oldest living man found in a hut in Bolivia

Oldest living man found in a hut in Bolivia World’s oldest man


Do you know who the oldest man in the world is? Surely there are different versions when you search on the internet. There is news about most aged living persons on the webs and in the newspaper daily. Have you found something strange about them? How do you verify that he is the oldest person in the world living even today? Surely there are some odd narrations about them. But confirming that he is the oldest person is somewhat tricky as no established record is found. Here I am telling about a real person who is said to be the oldest person with a confirmed record.
Carmelo Flores Laura
Now a man has been found who may be the oldest person in the world. He is living in a hut in Bolivia. Carmelo Laura may be the oldest person in the world, researchers have discovered it. But what is the secret of his so longer age. The world’s oldest herder gave an account of his more extended life. 1He told me that he ate skunk and fox meat to be healthy. 2He also avoids sugars or pasta. 3He takes long walks daily to keep himself fit. 4 He is 123 years of age now. 5 He is the oldest man that is ever recorded. 6He leads a simple life, and he was found living in a dirt floor in Bolivia. He is illiterate and does not know much about the modern world. He is still in sound health.
oldest man
Born 1890
Laura has lost all of his teeth, and he is still healthy and sound. His eyesight is correct and does not need walking sticks or glasses. He is a fantastic person. He is robust due to his natural food and long walks. His lifestyle is the main reason for this longer age. He is an Indian, living happily in his hut. In an interview, he shares some secrets of his life. He is the father of three children, with 16 grandsons and 39 great-grandchildren. The civil registry reveals that he was born on July 16, 1890. He eats exceptional food which has cananhua, as its ingredient. It is a wild grain species-rich in protein and amino acid. He occasionally eats pork and mutton.
Wild food
According to Carmelo, whose wife died ten years ago, he only eats what is in nature and avoids artificial food. 1He shared cooking with his wife, and he was always active and smart. 2He still goes on a walk daily. He has an isolated hut in Frasuia, which is in the Andes near Lake Titicaca.3He took part in 1933 war with Paraguay according to relatives. He is staying near home till then. His only son, is alive now who is 67 years old. There were no birth certificates in Bolivia at that time, but his record is found in baptism document. There must be official record before he is declared officially.
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