Girl drinks

Girl drinks through the ear | What are the Effects

Girl drinks beer through the ear | What are the Effects

Everyone drinks and eats through the mouth. You don’t think about drinking or eating through another part of your body. Can you use your nose and ear to take the bear or eat the chicken? It will make it bizarre and odd. But several odds are happening in this world. Some people are fond of getting attraction through various things. It is for them an affordable way of publicity and marketing. You will see people performing different acts and get media coverage and fame. Sometimes some companies do so for marketing purposes and sometimes individual do such things just for fun.
Ear drinking video
Now there is another way to down the pint. There are pictures of a student drinking a pin off bear through the ear. It happened in the Czech Republic. It was featured on Czech Beer Festival Facebook page. There is a video of student drinking beer. In the video, you may have a view of a woman drinker, with straw in her ear and drinking the beer. Is it possible? We will discuss it in the article. You may have heard or sometimes take part in beer drinking games. The bear fans have been playing different drinking games. It is one of the most challenging activities to drink beer through the nose.
Girl drinks
Girl drinks
Czech Beer Festival
This beer-drinking bonanza was produced by Czech beer festival. The drinker has won the competition of drinking beer through the ear. The video post on Facebook suggests so. The woman was clad in a green cardigan with a matching scarf. She placed a bendy straw into her ear and drank the bee through this straw. The friends gathered around her excitingly with applause. They cheered her and encouraged her when she is about to finish the drinking. If you look at her face, you may judge that the alcohol was not something a pleasant experience for the girl.
Girl drinks
Fake video
You may see in the video that beer gradually goes into the ear and the gathering females and friends greeted her. There is another view. Some people say it is a fake video. The reason is that you do not see beer in some pictures. Some camera shots are unable to show the beer in the glasses. We don’t say how was this video created and was it fake or real. You may consume beer through the ear. It is scientifically possible.
On the other hand, the tube connecting throat with the year is narrow, and it seems unlikely that someone may take the beer down with this tube through the ear. A specialist says that anyone who manages to do so may have an empty hole in the eardrum or no eardrum at all. He dismisses the drinking of beer typically.
1 It is not advisable to take fluid through the ear. It may cause a lot of complexities. It may lead you to ear infection and damage to the eardrum.


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