Shisha : Everything You Need To Know – About Hookah

Disadvantages of hookah
Do you know hookah? It is an instrument to smoke tobacco. You may smoke tobacco differently through a hookah. You may combine different flavors like apple, chocolate and coconut with tobacco and enjoy smoking. The hookah has been in use for centuries in ancient Persia and Indian subcontinent. Even today, people smoke hookah in their drawing rooms and different events. Now it is somewhat modernized. You may smoke tobacco with a hookah in groups, in cafes and lounges.

What is a hookah
There are different terms and varieties which are pipe, narghile and shisha. It may be flavored tobacco or other variety of smoking. There are various misconceptions about smoking hookah.

Shisha : Everything You Need To Know - About Hookah
Shisha : Everything You Need To Know – About Hookah

Some consider it beneficial for health, and some consider it a blessing. The people take it as an excellent alternative to cigarettes and cigars. Hookah is risky for your health. There are no health benefits of hookah. It is as dangerous as other varieties of tobacco.

Health risk of hookah
Hookah is structured and manufactured with some interesting components. All of these components are universal. Though there are some other varieties of hookah, these parts are present in almost all forms. It has a water bowl, a metal body and a head with holes in the bottom. There is a flexible hose pipe with a mouthpiece.
In the traditional method, charcoal is burnt, and this burning coal is placed in head over tobacco. It ignites the tobacco mixture and also heats the water in the bowl. When you puff at hookah, the smoke generated by burning charcoal and tobacco moves through the water and hose pip. Then it comes to your mouthpiece.

Shisha : Everything You Need To Know - About Hookah
Shisha : Everything You Need To Know – About Hookah

You are exposed to tobacco smoke while you are smoking hookah; there are harmful and damaging component and toxins such as carbon mono oxide. You cannot expect water will filter these components. If you are sitting near a hookah smoking group, you are equally indirectly taking your share. So don’t sit near a hookah smoking group if you want to avoid health risks.
Hookah smoking surely implies some severe health risks. Here are some of the disadvantages of hookah smoking.


  • Smoking hookah causes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is one of the severe complications of hookah smoking.
  • Smoking may cause improper lung functioning and bronchitis.
  • The people who smoke hookah are increasingly prone to a heart issue, heart disease and failure more than those who do not smoke.
  • There is a severe danger of cancer. It may include lung cancer, throat and mouth cancer.
  • .you skin gets aged prematurely. The reason is that smoking hookah resists the oxygen movement to your skin. Your skin is dull and loses its shine.
  • There is an increased risk of infectious diseases. These diseases cause serious health issues, such as oral herpes.
  • There are a lot of cases of respiratory infections if you share your hookah with others.
  • Asthma, cough and a lot of other diseases are developed through a hookah.